Eye of a Needle


Aiming my cock as if it were a firework, Meeko excitedly bites the air.

“Make sure you hit him,” she snaps.

“To shower him with my seed from up here will be like threading the eye of a needle with just my tongue,” I rasp.

“Not if you will it. You’ve willed us this far—you can will us a little further.”

Watching me with a curious eye, Hachikō bows his head with a grin. If I had to make a call, I’d say it was he, not I, who had willed us to this situation, and yet it takes two to tango. Lame I know, but it’s true. It’s the same way me without Meeko is like a yin without its yang. Any other way makes no sense at all. Sticking out his tongue, the dog blinks twice as if in agreement.

“It’s almost time,” she says.

“Yet time exists only in the mind,” I manage to squeeze from my tightened throat.

“Even so, the mind gives it meaning, which is why we follow its lead.”

“But surely then we should be the one leading if we’re the givers of such meaning?”

“As you hold in your thoughts, this is a dance, and as in a dance, it takes two to tango. There are times when you take the lead, and there is a time to follow. The ebb and flow of life dictate as and when one decides to be the guide or to be guided. This is such a moment when to be guided is just fine.”

With the bubbling in my balls dancing with the tingling in the base of my spine, I see bright lights before my eyes. They glow from afar, but despite the distance between us, they blind me with a magnificent truth I’ve yet to taste. Although, somehow, it feels as if I already have; as if I’ve been here before. Not in this life, but in another. One that lies on the other side of another door—one I’ve walked through before yet can’t quite remember. Like a dream upon waking, that faded into forgotten memory by midday. I’ve known the faded remains of many such drunken memories, and yet this is quite different. The sense of drunkenness comes not from the bottle, but from the pleasures of merely being. Such pleasures are bewildering, and I’m bewildered by nearly everything. As the dance within my body reaches a climax, the last of the stars to reveal themselves appear as bright as the images in my mind. Even brighter.

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