Do it like you mean it. Stand up like a nail, and never falter through doubt. Doubt kills like a cancer. To doubt, is to cut ones wrists. It’s to drown in the murky seas, waving like a lunatic as you desperately sink beneath the surface. If you feel it, don’t doubt it. Go ahead and take the risk. Belief is more powerful than a thousand bombs. It will take you through misery, through the days when you’re at your lowest. It’ll save you from living a lie, and it will save your soul. Never doubt passion. Never doubt the dreams you hold close. Even when others put you down, when they ridicule you for being a dreamer, never lose sight of what you believe in. Whatever light it is that burns brightly inside of you, never let it go out. Failure is nothing to be ashamed of. Living a lie, is. Pretending is an ugly thing, it cheapens the very fabric of who you are. Do what you have to do, even if it means nothing but loneliness. Isolation breaks those who don’t have belief, but if you’ve got it, you’ll come through. Sacrifice is what it takes. Surrendering the opportunity for an easy life. For a simple existence. But if the magic pumps through your veins, it’ll be worth it a million times over. If it means that much, it’ll take whatever it takes. Life’s too short for anything else. Bask in the glory of your struggle. It’s the only way there is.

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