Keep Breathing


Make your own decisions. Keep going despite the unknowing voices that try to steer you away from the sun. Take control of those flashes of brilliance. Let them burn like wild fire on the plains of desolate cities. Through the thick and thin, there’s no other feeling that comes close. Do what you know. On our own, all we can do is believe in the visions that drive us to demand something more. How many years has it been now? How many more yet to come? Keep the black dogs at bay. Keep self doubt banished to the depths of the Titanic. Let the oceans crush my fears, and let the stars serenade my faith. Born underachievers. Devote believers of immortality. Beaten like a dog. Whipped like a slave. Pissed upon as the lowly ones we are, they’ll never know the destruction we hold in our hearts. Worsened anxiety. Crippling depression. Yet this soul wont come undone by lowly nature. My passion never to be belittled by the demand to conform. Standing firm like a nail. Stubborn like a writer who doesn’t know when it’s over. Only it’s never over. There’s no giving up. No such thing as letting go of the dreams that memorize more than anything else. Stick to the shadows. Ignore the distant cries of would-be lovers hell bent on seeing you office bound and damned until you’re sixty four. Stay exactly where you are. Keep breathing like only you know how. Dreams of cheating hearts, how they persist even after so long. Those you can’t live without no matter how hard you try to deny. Love is love. Stranger than words. More poignant than anything you could ever dare muster even after all of these years. Faces that render you dumb after so long. There’s no future, only tonight. Stop what you’re doing, and speak the words that you’ll never have once all is dust and bone. Broken flowers and self imposed exile. Stupid smiles and sweetly composed truth.

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