These Fears won’t Last Forever



You lose, and yet you win. You collapse but come together a different entity entirely. Take hold of my hand and let me pull you into my dream. Speak a sentence that gets beneath my skin and say something that will make this cold heart of mine beat like it used to. Listen to a song and remember being in the arms of someone you once loved and remember how it felt to look into their eyes when there was no world nor heavens or stars only two souls circling each other in a moment that still lingers on winter mornings in a park in your hometown beneath trees with branches that yearn to glimpse attraction once more. You suffer and you hurt and every month of every year you feel as if you’re losing touch but it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter at all because with every tear you shed you take a step away from the crowd towards a way of being that lifts you high above their leprous hands into an embrace that will set you free. Break apart. Come undone. Dance a dance that will make them shake with fear. Fall through the floor while stabbing your chest but know there’s no pain only memories of closing your eyes as a child while looking up at the boiling sun. Do you remember those rivers of blood? Can you still taste the beams of light upon your tongue and how it felt to lie there on your back as if eternity were a birthright and not just wishful thinking? Be a victim. Be a saviour. Be a shooting star that sparks like a firework between the legs of the one that still picks away at you even after so long. Those cold mornings, how they slipped from your grasp without so much as a word. Those kisses that once littered warm bedsheets, how they felt like home when a home is all you’ve ever wanted. Sometimes you struggle, sometimes you fall. But you always walk away beautiful because despite it all, that’s just how you are.


A Journal for Damned Lovers on

A Journal for Damned Lovers on

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  1. I love ‘word journey’ Dandelion! that is exactly what this is! Definitely a piece that deserves to be read and read and then read again! I feel like I have just been pulled into something of a dream…Truly incredible how you string words 🙂

  2. You’ve done it again: brought tears to my eyes. This is just so profound as well as beautiful, and even though there’s that streak of despair, I found it rather hopeful xo

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