X Crosses the Great Divide


As X spins in a gust of wind, the colours of the world snap themselves free from the shapes that contain them, and as a long, drawn-out cry escapes her throat, the force of it shatters all the windows of the store, sending shards of glass raining down on the shoppers and members of staff within. Spinning so fast she becomes a mess of wild colour herself, the pain that once kept her chained to those she rubbed shoulders with is banished and left on the ground along with her still burning cigarette. Spinning like a totem, she spreads her arms and finds herself moving beyond the cage of flesh that no longer suits her at all. Taking in the biggest gulp of air she can possibly muster, she cries her song until her feet slide from her shoes, and as she hovers several feet above where they rest, she no longer finds herself holding her arms out by her side, but two wings made up of a shock of black and white feathers, and as she lifts herself higher and higher, her dress slides from her body, falling to a crumpled heap next to her wine and pastries. Singing as loud as she can, she kicks her legs and snaps her beak, and as the animals watching from afar shriek in celebration, she spins and swoops through the air as those below rush out of the store thinking a bomb’s gone off only to find X’s dress and ballet pumps next to a carrier bag containing her sweet treats. Little Herbie meanwhile has woken up and seen what’s happened, and although at first his heart is filled with terror at the thought of being abandoned, unknown to him, a sly badger has crept from the nearby woods. Standing on its hind legs, it reaches out its paws and opens the passenger side door, and with Herbie lying on the seat with a sock wrapped around his lower half, takes him in his mouth and darts into the middle of the car park. X is somewhere above, shooting around like a star, and upon seeing them, falls from the sky before collecting him in her beak, and as they soar together into the clouds, they’re joined by a flock of magpies, each crying out as the animals below rush from the woods to join the lone badger in the parking lot, watching the one they call their own on the next stage of her journey. As for X, she grips Herbie tight and finds herself being drawn to the moon as it floats on the horizon. Flapping her wings, she goes to him, and although she’s not sure at all what will become of her, she knows that a great divide has been crossed, and that no longer shall she be haunted by ghosts, but guided by the magic and love she finds inside.

A Journal for Damned Lovers UK

A Journal for Damned Lovers US

Anthology UK / Anthology US

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  1. Sometimes, we just, need to BLOW up, because we’d kept everything locked up too deep, too long, and if we don’t, we will become, psychologically ill, but there are more productive ways, to express these emotions than become a cyclone that tore through everything, destroying everything in one’s own path, it’s something that is learned, with the coming of age and the passing of time.

  2. “Spinning so fast she becomes a mess of wild colour herself, the pain that once kept her chained to those she rubbed shoulders with is banished and left on the ground along with her still burning cigarette.”
    Lovely. The freedom of being free. x

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