Up There, Somewhere


As he closed his eyes, she placed her lips on his, and through the open window, their orbs slipped away as their bodies continued to embrace in the surrogate womb that was the bathtub. In an hour or so the water would turn cold, and they’d wake shivering before wrapping themselves in towels and diving back into bed. For now, though, they were free to leave behind their cage of flesh and roam wherever they pleased. And roam they did, like the animals that came to them in the snow, they moved as if weightless; as if not bound to the laws that governed those they rubbed shoulders with. As time ticked along and those very souls went about their day in much the same manner they always did, X and her lover were travelling to a place where they hoped they’d never be found. At least not until they chose to come back down. Leading him through the clouds into the great beyond, their bodies below clung onto each other even while they slept, and as their skin turned wrinkly like prunes, their chests rose in synch as if they were not two but one. And up there, somewhere, their spirits zipped around like fireflies in search of a new horizon. It wouldn’t last, as nothing ever does, but the seeds were planted. Seeds that would burst into life before dying out in an explosion of love and lust and madness and loss, and although on the surface it appeared as if the life in those seeds had long since been extinguished, it was merely sleeping, ready to shoot back into bloom when the stars aligned and the calling of their hearts was just too much to resist.

A Journal for Damned Lovers UK

A Journal for Damned Lovers US

Anthology UK / Anthology US

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