Cotton Candy Hearts – S.K. Nicholas



The day breaks as it so often does, but only with you does its beauty touch me. The older I get, the more I see that the adult world renders a man bereft of warmth and tenderness without even trying—it’s rendered me as numb as a whore’s tit, and there’s still so much sorrow to go, but with you I wake feeling as though life is something to be enjoyed and not merely endured. It doesn’t last long. By early afternoon I’m sinking with the shits as I so often do, but in those first golden hours, I don’t fear much at all. Not death. Not ridicule. Not even the embarrassment of being a writer. With your hair in my face and my arm around your waist, sunlight comes and kisses our skin, and it feels as if this is what they must call love. Truth be told we don’t…

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